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POW/MIA Michael Leroy Batt


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A short version of what happened!!!

On march 16 1969 Capt Charles Barnes co-pilot and capt. David Smith, aircraft commander were aboard a U2A1 aircraft which departed from Long Trahn, North Army Airfield, South Vietnam. The aircraft made two stops.1 at Long Binh and the other at Qui Nhon. At Qui Nhon they picked up the following passengers Sp4 Michael Batt, Major Marvin Foster, and PFC Raymond Bobe. The aircraft continued north towards Hue/Phu Bai, where it was schudeled to land. During this part of the mission, the aircraft was required to revert from visual to instrument flight rules due to low cloud ceiling, poor visability and rain showers in the area. The aircraft was picked up by radio and radar. How ever contact was loss during the approach pattern. After contact loss all emergency radio frequencies were utilized. But no radio contact with the aircraft could be regained. Da Nang Air/Sea rescue was also notified. But initial efforts were limited to a communicatations search because of bad weather. The aircraft was never located

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A little up to date infomation.

As of 1999, the crew and all of the passengersaboard the aircraft remains unaccounted for, listed as presumed dead/body not recovered!